What to pack for Coachella 2018

What to pack for Coachella 2018

Spring has arrived and the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is on the horizon. 

Before you go to the desert, this is what to pack for Coachella 2018 to get you through the festival.

You’re going to the desert. The Empire Polo Club is massive with wide open fields and there’s not a ton of shade. Wear sunscreen and don’t forget to reapply. Even if you’re going to be rolling into the festival after the sun sets, you will still want to pack it for the pool.

Protip 1:Bring a lip balm that is at least SPF 15. A sunburn on your lips makes being sun-kissed very unpleasant.

Protip 2:Aerosol spray sunscreens are not allowed inside the festival. Apply them before leaving the hotel or parking lot and bring liquid sunscreen inside. And don’t try to smuggle in liquor in the sunscreen bottle — security checks for that.
Again, you’re going to the desert. Dehydration is serious business. Drink water on the way in and use the empty bottle at free refilling stations around the venue.

You can bring in empty plastic (non-metal) bottles 40 ounces and under, according to the Coachella FAQ. Empty Bota Bags and CamelBaks are also allowed.

Pro tip: Keep an extra bottle of water in your car. After the long, dusty walk back to the parking lot, it is welcome, even if it is a little warm.
Did we mention the whole going to the desert thing? Nobody wants a scalp sunburn. Feel free to bring your best Lady Gaga “Joanne”-style chapeau — a full hat with a wide brim is ideal, but even a baseball cap helps.

Pro tip:  Flower crowns do not block out the sun.
Comfortable shoes
Your Fitbit will be happy as you log miles upon miles trekking around the Empire Polo Club. Your feet will be happy if you’re wearing comfortable shoes.

We have been going to Coachella for years and I am still confused by people who wear high heels. It’s a grassy field, you’re going to sink.

Don’t try to break in new kicks for the weekend. If you go the flip-flop route, remember that nearly 100,000 people could step on your feet.

Pro tip: Keep a couple of adhesive bandages around if you get blisters. And it never hurts to have a backup pair of shoes in the car just in case you lose one in the Sahara Tent.
This is the must-have wonder accessory for Coachella. It can block out the dust and the sun and if it’s too hot, you can soak it in water and put it on your neck to cool off.

You can get creative and make your own, too. An infinity scarf is also a good option.

Walking back to your car along the dusty paths, you will be so happy to have a bandana covering your mouth. And if a big sandstorm hits, you’re covered. A dust mask from a home improvement store also works.

Pro tip: If you forget a hat, you can fashion the bandana to cover your head and keep you from that scalp sunburn.
Phone charger
I don’t care how great your phone is, it’s going to die at Coachella.

The good news: Around the field there are plenty of spots to charge your phone now, so bring your cable and a plug and you can juice up while grabbing a refreshment in the Craft Beer Barn.

Pro tip: Bring a USB external battery for your phone. You can roam and see sets and still charge up.

Pro tip 2: Speaking of phones, realize that even if you charge your battery, the number of people on the network can make service go down at peak times. Make a plan with friends for a specific meeting spot and time.
Ear plugs

You want to be able to hear people after your trip to Coachella. Ear plugs are a must. Splurge on the fancy ones that Doppler Labs have put out, or just go for the cheap-o ones at the drug store. Either way, your ears will thank you.

Pro tip: If you’re using inexpensive disposable ones, bring a couple of pairs each day. You’re likely to lose one here and there.

Remember that whole thing about being in the desert? Yeah, it’s bright. Protect your eyes.

Protip: Grab some awesome sunnies on our website!

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